Poems and Stories in Scots, Gaelic and English

After eight years of Fras and entering his eighth decade, John Herdman has decided that he wants to give more time to his scholarly and other interests. Accordingly, John will stay in contact with Fras as an editorial adviser and the poet William Hershaw will become a co-editor. The editorial address will change to Dunning, as on the cover, and cheques will be payable to Walter Perrie. (There has never been a separate Fras account.)

Literary magazines should have finite life-spans, but those involved in Fras and its associated publications, including many contributors, have made it clear that they feel it still has an important role, especially in a context where literary publishing in Scotland, and perhaps more widely, is in dire condition. Purely commercial publishing has always been with us, but there seems now an increasing risk that only commercial publishing will survive, despite the web, and that at the most crass levels of populist consumerism or academic exclusivity. No culture can thrive on those options. Fras goes on and will seek to maintain both its lterary standards and the catholicity of its inspiration.

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Ken Cockburn

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George Stanley

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FRAS Number 1 appeared in 2004.

Since then we have published almost 500 pages of poetry and stories in Scots, Gaelic and English, mainly by Scottish writers, with occasional additions from France and the Americas. We have also published five pamphlets of interviews with Scottish writers, five books and pamphlets of translation, including Rob Donn, Paul Claude!, Goethe and La Fontaine and ten other books and pamphlets of poetry, stories and ideas, all of which amounts to almost 1,200 pages of work which would proba¬bly not have appeared from any commercial or academic press — precisely because they are commercial or academic, not the stuff on which a culture thrives.


“An occasional literary journal with wide cultural sympathies, Fras provides an outlet for work of quality in Scots, Gaelic and English. This little magazine is fast becoming one of Scotland ‘s liveliest occasional literary journals..., the editors can be rightly pleased to know that their aims have confounded their expecta¬tions, by surpassing them.”

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